Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Checking the Boxes

Tonight as I navigate this new blog  I am listening to the election reports coming in. Today has been a day of "checking the box" for Americans as we celebrate our right to choose.

Posting this first blog post will be a personal "checking the box" for me. I've been toying with the idea of a blog for some time now...what's been stopping me is my lack of tech skills and a slight fear of all things URL. (compounded by watching my daughter's fingers fly across my keyboard as she "fixes" pretty much anything I try to do on my own.)

While driving down to Savannah this weekend for the Rock and Roll Marathon, my friends and I started our checklists of goals we hoped to accomplish, finishing our first half-marathon being the top of our lists. We were elated to check that one off  and did so after we had the strength to hold a pencil.  Still reveling in my glory...I realized that I had checked the box of another goal: participating in the Wesleyan Artist Market last spring.  Both were events I once thought were out of my reach. Both were scary and required a lot of time (and blood, sweat, and tears!...toenails are for sissies.) I finished both events not only wanting to sign up again, but full of ideas to be more successful, to finish faster! (and both were a bit like childbirth...wondering in the middle of it 'how-did-I-get-here-who-talked-me-into-this!!!!' and then when it was over-and that first beer was cracked- I was (almost) ready to do it again!)
So on this night of box-checking...I have begun my blog. My hope is to inspire, to encourage, and occasionally entertain with the stories and pictures from my crazy, beautiful, blessed life.


  1. Les, you are amazing! I'm now "checking the box" for having an awesome, beautiful, talented, soul-inspiring, honest 'big sister'. LOVE!

  2. My first comment! how fitting! thanks for the love, dear one!

  3. A wonderful first post! Keep up the great work!!