Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Bullet Points

Wow...February...last post...my how time flies. 

I did attempt to update my blog several times during the last few months...but each time I would sit down to write get near my keyboard, something would change, a real estate agent would call, a contract would need to be revised, a box would need to be packed.  You get the drift. So here's how it all went down, short and sweet:
  • our house of 17 years goes on the market on a Saturday in February. (3rd time in 5 years.)
  • we have our first offer that night.
  • 10 or so offers by Tuesday.
  • bidding war Wednesday night and surprise visit from first potential buyers at our door (see previous blog post)
  • signed contract
  • we go ahead with our spring break plans, even though closing is in 2 weeks
  • first buyer freaks out, terminates contract and fires her agent
  • second buyer steps up
  • signed contract
  • we go ahead with our planned beach trip for Easter even though new closing is in 2 weeks
  • inspection issues

  • contract negotiations begin
  • more negotiations
  • bank appraisal and window, deck, floor estimates
  • crying
  • praying
  • searching for rental house
  • preparing to begin showing house again
  • praying
  • negotiations
  • signed contract again
  • closing date delayed
  • searching for a rental house
  • crying, praying, stressing
  • wishing God would sent me a text
  • closing date move back to original date
  • desperate search for rental house that allows 3 pets, a flexible lease, and room for 5
  • make boxes
  • lots of boxes
  • begin packing
  • look at corporate apartments and entertain thoughts of 3 grown kids sharing a bedroom
  • praying
  • find a house and begin begging to allow pets
  • sign lease 3 days before moving out
  • pack
  • pack
  • drink (out of plastic cups...packed the wine glasses!!)

  • pack
  • close on our house 2 days later than scheduled
  • move
  • unpack
  • unpack
  • unpack wine glasses
  • drink
  • drink
  • drink
  • move boxes around
  • move more boxes to the basement
  • relax and begin to live normally again
  • begin searching for new permanent home
  • saving boxes

We have survived the move!

 I try not to think about having to do it again soon, but the basement full of packed boxes reminds me that it won't be as bad as the last time. This house, ironically, is the same floor plan as the one we moved out of! I am not sure the dog has figured out that we are actually in a different house! There are a few small differences...we all have thrown dirty clothes down the stairs thinking it's the laundry room and have walked into the hall closet trying to get to the basement.  I am loving the huge kitchen, the kids coming and going since we moved in, and being able to relax again without having to keep the house in "show" mode. 

And if I pay attention, I can look back and see that God did indeed have a perfect plan for us all along.  (even though one might feel He procrastinated a bit!!) 

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